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 We Want to be Your   Recycling Partner 

Horticulture/ Green Waste
Convention Composting
Yellow Grease
Brown Grease
Textiles/ Donations
Wood/ Pallets
Universal Waste
Oyster Reclamation

Our Recycling Programs

World Class Casinos

Dock & Environmental Management

We modify the dock into a recycling center to source recyclables from the waste stream. We provide dock personnel to manage the Green infrastructure of each dock. We develop an all-encompassing sustainability program and we assure that every recycling dock exceeds all standards regarding sanitation and safety. We endeavor to raise the recycling rate at each client’s property by refining upstream and downstream procedures. Recyclable materials are separated by category, and then transported to a permitted recycling facility.

Asset Reclamation

Another program specifically for hotels and casinos involves the reclamation of salvageable items (dishes, towels, silverware, etc.) which belong to a property that are inadvertently discarded. These items are recorded on a customized spreadsheet (submitted weekly or monthly) and returned to the property daily.

Waste Consultations

We offer a complimentary consultation of waste management for each partner to identify where landfill waste can be minimized. Our goal is to increase our community’s overall recycling rate by coming up with innovative recycling and waste management programs.


Restaurant Oil Filtration

Our company supplies a custom-built filtration machine and all tools necessary to extend the life of frying oil. We filter the oil daily or as often as needed because it extends the use of the cooking oil by nearly twofold. Our filtration process revitalizes the cooking oil; therefore,the quality of the food is never compromised. This is more sustainable because it reduces the overall procurement of cooking oil and prevents landfill waste.

Cooking Oil Recovery

We want to partner with your restaurant to give complementary recovery and pick up of your used cooking oil. We will provide a secure yellow grease storage container with a splash guard and an extra filter for safe storage and removal of yellow grease. Your partnership could make a difference in our community because when the yellow grease is removed, it is converted into bio-diesel, which is used for fueling our school district’s buses.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Brown Grease Recovery

Our full ecosystem program for grease trap services and brown grease recovery takes waste and converts it into energy. We inspect every system with our clients, check for warning signs, assure satisfaction with follow up inspections and suggest appropriate service frequencies and maintenance plans to help keep every grease trap system running smoothly.

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