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New Year's Green Resolution

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Happy New Year! As the past year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to make an Eco-Pledge as a New Year’s Resolution. The green choices made today will have a lasting impact for years to come. Everyone can make a difference. One small change makes a huge impact for our planet. Check out these fun ideas to save the planet through reducing plastic usage this New Year!

green new years

No Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic is a huge growing problem. We may only use the product for a moment, but the impact on the planet lasts for years as it takes a long time for plastics to break down. Now more than ever it is important to recycle plastics and find reusable options for reducing plastic waste. Lack of recycling programs has contributed to the plastic problem. It is also important to remember that not all plastics are recyclable or easy to break down. Be an Eco-Hero and recycle your plastic products as much as possible. RENUoil of America, Inc. ™

challenges you to choose one of these methods

to reduce your plastic usage as a New Year’s Resolution.

say no to straws

1. Say No to Straws

A little known fact is that plastic straws are not recyclable due to the plastic resin. They actually contaminate recycling. Straws are piling up in landfills and sometimes make their way into the oceans, which is extremely harmful to marine life. Use a glass at a restaurant or bring your own reusable straw as a great alternative. Remember to ask your server to not use straws before bringing your drinks.

2. Wave Goodbye to Plastic Water Bottles

Carry around your handy, reusable water bottle. This will save a tremendous amount of water, money, and plastic. Often times there is more water generated in the plastic than what is actually in the water bottle. If you do use a plastic water bottle make sure it makes its way to a recycling bin.

3. Make Plastic Bags a Thing of the Past

Bring your own reusable bag to the grocery store in order to reduce plastic waste. If you forget your bag make sure to hold on to them separately from other recyclables. They can be recycled separately, but they do not go in your recycling bin. They will get caught in the recycling equipment that is not designed for films and actually hinder recycling. Grocery/ convenient stores often collect these plastic bags at the front of their stores.

4. Go Green with Coffee Cups

All of those single use coffee cups really do add up. Many of them are not recyclable or are very difficult to recycle. Bring your own container when you go to a coffee shop. Or better yet, brew your own cup at home. When making just one cup of coffee, try opting for fair-trade, organic, and/or local beans. Instead of using coffee pods which waste a tremendous amount of plastic, try making your own pour over coffee.

5. Store Left Overs Sustainably

Utilize reusable Tupperware instead of single use plastic bags. These products are easy to wash and help reduce plastic waste. Instead of plastic wrap try reusable covers such as bees wax to go over your containers. Mason jars are also a fun and trendy way to store your food.

bamboo toothbrush

6. Smile! You’re Saving the Planet

Stop using plastic tooth brushes. These make their way to landfills and our oceans. They are also not recyclable. Try an environmentally friendly alternative of bamboo toothbrushes. They break down much faster than plastic.

7. Be Mindful of Packaging

Purchasing products in bulk is a fantastic way to reduce waste generated by excess packaging, especially for non-perishable products. When purchasing produce go for the products with the least amount of packaging. For example a banana comes in its own package naturally.

bamboo utensils

8. No Plastic Cutlery

Don’t use wasteful plastic cutlery, instead use a reusable item. When you order take out request for no cutlery and the restaurants will be more than happy to comply. Especially if you are bringing it home where you have your own silverware. Another option is bringing your own bamboo utensils. You can say no to single use plastic cutlery where ever you go!

9. Stop Using Single Use Razors

Razors are filling up landfills and are nearly impossible to recycle. Use a reusable razor that simply changes out the blades. This is much less wasteful. Another option to reduce waste is to wax instead of shave or use sugar scrubs.

reusable razor

10. Go Paper Free

Opt for E-billing which makes your bills easy to access at the touch of a button. It also reduces paper waste. Unsubscribe to junk mail and make sure to recycle/ repurpose any junk mail that you may receive. Try storing your documents digitally instead of huge filing folders.

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