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Go Green on the Go

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Think about how many miles we all travel. The commute to work, flying on vacations, driving to school or even trips to the grocery store all add up when it comes to the impact on our planet. Traveling with an Eco-friendly mindset will help improve public health, reduce traffic, and save money. Check out all of the ways to “Go Green on the Go”.

oh the places you'll go eco-friendly

1. Carpooling

Think about carpooling the next time you are stuck in a traffic jam. There are so many of us that drive our own cars and are all going in the same direction at once. This creates a large amount of traffic, is expensive, and produces a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions. Try setting up a carpool with coworkers to work, or drive together with friends during your next outing.

2. Public Transportation

This is the ultimate form of carpooling. This is a great way to reduce pollution normally produced by multiple cars. This is also a very affordable option of transportation. Try taking a train or utilizing a bus for commuting to work.

3. Biking/ Walking

This is a great way to really save the planet while traveling. Biking and walking produces zero CO2 emissions! It is also a great way to stay healthy and in shape. This is perfect for short distances such as picking something up from the grocery store. Instead of driving down the street try this fun alternative instead.

4. Vacations

Choose a fun vacation exploring your local surroundings. You’ll be surprised how many beautiful places there are to visit within a few hours drive. Taking vacations nearby allows you to save money on travel costs and reduces pollution that normally take place during travel. See how amazing your own backyard can be during your next three-day weekend.

5. Eco-Cars

Electric and hybrid cars save the planet while saving you money. Gas is not a sustainable resource because fossil fuel is limited and burning it releases greenhouse gases. If you have or are able to install solar panels for your home, an electric car is the perfect option because it will be next to zero for your travel cost.

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