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 Go Green
With RENUoil  

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Learn how RENUoil can help your hospitality company save the planet. 

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We are the largest on-site recycling company in Las Vegas! We manage over 7,000,000 lbs. of recycled material weekly.
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RENUoil of America, Inc. ™ (WBE, MBE) is a family owned and operated business with 20 years experience on partnering with hospitality companies on managing waste while minimizing costs. We are the leading sustainability provider within our community—our breakthrough services provide a beneficial environmental, economic, and stewardship impact.  

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Elite Honor Award 2017 by USHCC

Elite Honor Award 2017 by USHCC

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We do more than just RENU oil. We are creating opportunities for empowerment and diversity. We are inspiring our city as we work with our partners to create an environmentally friendly future. We are making that world possible because our family is sustaining the environment for future families. 


Our hospitality footprint may be local but the benefits reaped are globally recognized  

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